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  • Introduction

    Welcome to the TapResearch Survey API V3 documentation!

    There are some notable changes to how our API handles security and postbacks. See our versions section for more details.

    Getting Started

    Sign up for a publisher account at

    Before you can begin consuming our API, you will need an api token. This token will be used for authentication purposes. You can generate an api token by creating an app in the dashboard.

    Please let us know when you are ready to go live. We will need to make changes to your account before your users can see real surveys.


    Get survey offer

    Sample Request

      "api_token": "9b99ccc0062035544a5b6579b0cfc954",
      "user_identifier": "tapresearch_user1",
      "offer_identifier": "05700f12180cdde5b131a0f8"

    Sample Response

      "has_offer": true,
      "offer_url": "\u0026sdk=false",
      "message_hash": {
        "min": "191",
        "max": "764",
        "currency": "bombs"
      "abandon_url": ""

    Get survey offer for a user based on user identifier. Placement must first be created for your app using the supplier dashboard.

    HTTP Request


    Required Parameters

    Parameter Type Description
    user_identifier String Unique alphanumeric string that you use to identify your user.
    api_token String This is the unique identifier we generate when you create an app in our dashboard.
    offer_identifier String This is the placement identifier that is created in the supplier dashboard.
    client_ip (Optional) String This the IP address of the end user. This attribute is required if you're checking survey availability through a backend service.


    Parameter Type Description
    has_offer Boolean Send users into the survey only when this value is true.
    offer_url String Offer entry URL
    abandon_url String Use this URL to redirect users back to our site after they decide to skip a survey.
    message_hash Hash This contains information that you can show the user before you redirect them to the offer_url.


    Survey complete postback

    # Sample postback request

    Notify your web service on survey complete through a pre-defined postback URL

    HTTP Request



    Parameter Type Description
    uid String Persistent unique identifier for this user.
    tid String Transaction ID or click ID. This value will not be unique if the user completed multiple surveys in a single session. Use cpid for deduping purposes.
    cpid String Unique survey complete identifier. We recommend that you store and check against this value to ensure you reward the user only once per survey complete.
    api_token String This is the unique identifier we generate when you create an app in our dashboard.
    payout_amount Integer Amount of currency earned by this user
    payout_currency String The type of Currency the user earned.
    revenue Decimal Amount you will be paid for this survey complete in USD.
    payout_type Integer The action that the user was rewarded for. 0 - Profile Complete, 3 - Survey Complete.
    ip_address String This is the IP address of the respondent when the transaction occurred.
    sig String This is the URL signature, which is an HMAC-MD5 generated using the query string, minus the sig parameter. See the security section for more details.


    We expect a 200 if the request was successful


    # Sample request URL
    url = ""
    # Isolate query string
    query_string = url.gsub(/^(.*?)\?/, "")
    # Strip out the sig parameter
    stripped_query_string = query_string.gsub(/&sig.*/, "")
    # Decode URL
    decoded = URI.decode(stripped_query_string)
    # Generate HMAC-MD5
    api_secret = "26dcc0fc7b6208fdfeffaf19f627cb4a"
    digest ="md5")
    md5 = OpenSSL::HMAC.hexdigest(digest, api_secret, decoded)
    puts md5 # ea354b408a1183fa27606ece2c3cf8d1

    For security purposes, every postback request will include an HMAC-MD5, which is generated using the query string.

    Using the example request in the postback section, here are the steps to generate the HMAC-MD5.

    1. Grab your api secret. This value is located in your main dashboard. Example: 26dcc0fc7b6208fdfeffaf19f627cb4a

    2. A postback request will look similar to the example shown below. Example:

    3. Isolate the query string, leaving out the question mark. Example: api_token=9b99ccc0062035544a5b6579b0cfc954&cpid=tap_37939e4ede350f3a8d5149d2fcaa025e&payout_amount=191&revenue=0.5&tid=777ca23551a4a9173920c22e1ed7f4f3&

    4. Strip out the sig parameter, including the ampersand (&) symbol. Example: api_token=9b99ccc0062035544a5b6579b0cfc954&cpid=tap_37939e4ede350f3a8d5149d2fcaa025e&payout_amount=191&revenue=0.5&tid=777ca23551a4a9173920c22e1ed7f4f3&

    5. Decode the query string. Example: api_token=9b99ccc0062035544a5b6579b0cfc954&cpid=tap_37939e4ede350f3a8d5149d2fcaa025e&payout_amount=191&revenue=0.5&tid=777ca23551a4a9173920c22e1ed7f4f3&

    6. Run the api secret and the modified payload through your favorite HMAC-MD5 generator. Using the example values in steps 1 and 2, the resulting string will be ea354b408a1183fa27606ece2c3cf8d1.

    7. Check your generated HMAC against the sig param value. If they match, then record a complete and reward the user.

    IP Whitelist

    The postbacks will be send from the following addresses. Any other connections should be blocked.,,,,,,,,,,,,


    Get supplier Stats

    # Sample stats request

    Sample Response

            "datetime": "2018-09-20T12:00:00-07:00",
            "app_name": "Sample App - iOS",
            "id": 42,
            "app_store_identifier": "",
            "placement_name": "Main Placement",
            "country_abbr": "US",
            "impressions": 10,
            "conversions": 5,
            "revenue": "1.32",
            "platform": "iOS"
            "datetime": "2018-09-20T12:00:00-07:00",
            "app_name": "Sample App - iOS",
            "id": 42,
            "app_store_identifier": "",
            "placement_name": "Secondary Placement",
            "country_abbr": "US",
            "impressions": 1582,
            "conversions": 366,
            "revenue": "63.54",
            "platform": "iOS"
            "datetime": "2018-09-20T12:00:00-07:00",
            "app_name": "Sample App - Android",
            "id": 43,
            "app_store_identifier": "",
            "placement_name": "Main Placement",
            "placement_identifier": "fb15eabbc89c3fc1466c83a8e0adbbcf",
            "country_abbr": "US",
            "impressions": 45,
            "conversions": 19,
            "revenue": "3.56",
            "platform": "Android"

    HTTP Request



    Parameter Type Description
    access_token String Unique token used for authorization purposes.
    from Date The start date Date Format: I.E. "2018-04-05T17:00:00-07:00"
    to Date The end date Date Format: I.E. "2018-04-05T17:00:00-07:00"


    Parameter Type Description
    datetime date The hour that the stats reflect
    app_name String The App name
    app_store_identifier String App store identifier
    placement_name String The placement name
    country_abbr String The country abbreviation
    impressions Integer The number of entries to TapResearch experience
    conversions Integer The number of entries with at least one survey complete
    revenue Float The revenue in the given hour


    The TapResearch API uses the following error codes:

    Error Code Meaning
    400 Bad Request -- Double check to make sure you are making a proper request.
    401 Unauthorized -- You do not have access to the resource you requested. Please make sure your authorization header is set correctly.
    404 Not Found -- The resource you have requested cannot be found.
    422 Unprocessable Entity - There was an error with your request. The response should always have a message detailing why an error has occurred.
    500 Internal Server Error -- We had a problem with our server. Please contact if this problem persists.
    503 Service Unavailable -- We're temporarily offline for maintenance. Please try again later.








    Contact Us

    Please email for any questions or concerns.